What is the best T Shirt printing technique?

What is the best T Shirt printing technique?

Digital printing on shirts, also known as DTG, is a technique that allows you to print the fabric with any image that is saved on your computer. For this, it is necessary to use an inkjet printer, which will transfer the image directly to the shirt.

The T shirt printing market grew a lot and became easier to be found after the emergence of DTG printing. Digital printing helps make life easier for those who need printed products, even in small quantities, and with freedom of colors, leaving aside the transfer at once, which, despite being cheaper and easier to apply, has very low duration and quality.

Differences between digital printing and silk screen

In silk screen prints, many companies limit the order to a minimum of 20 pieces with the same print. This limitation is due to the need to record screens for each color that makes up the image to be printed, in addition to the use of print cradles and the cost of cleaning each of these screens.

In digital printing, each T shirt for doctors is made individually and there is no need to produce screens or extra cradles beyond what is used in the printer itself. The freedom of colors is total, being the equipment capable of printing a single color image or even a multicolored photo. In addition, digital printing is made with water-based inks, does not use chemicals and is 100% biodegradable.

Personalized T shirts provide a more professional touch

Personalized T shirts are a really interesting option for branding your profession with which the employees and managers of a local, store or company in another area will seem much more professional than if each user is dressed the way they see fit. This type of garment denotes that in the local business in general, although there is no physical headquarters, the image is taken care of and a professional appearance is wanted, with which users will intuit that in addition to that, the company also takes care of the rest of the details that are important to offer a good product or service.

They are suitable for everyone

These t-shirts are also a very good option to personalize because everyone can use them and therefore they are great for branding strategies of a company since the age or physical makeup of the employees does not matter because there are very small shirts in sizes for boys, women’s t-shirts and men’s t-shirts of all sizes. In addition, you can even personalize more business t-shirts and give them to family members, acquaintances or loyal customers so that they also contribute to continue creating the brand identity.

They are versatile and can be purchased online

These types of T shirt nurse are even more practical if you take into account that they can be personalized with any type of textile technique: from prints to embroidery through digital printing, screen printing or sublimation. Without a doubt, it is the perfect option for branding, adapting the design of a firm or company to the type of t-shirt that you want to use, the advertising you want to do and the effect you want to cause in the public.

In addition, it should also be noted that these are t-shirts that can be requested online, taking into account that speed and comfort are two pressing factors in a moment of speed and multitasking like the one we currently live in our day to day and that without a doubt it increases even more in companies.

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