Understanding Wikihow’s Deletion Policy

Understanding Wikihow’s Deletion Policy

Wikihow is a popular crowd-sourced online encyclopedia, offering do-it-yourself advice on a range of topics. The website is a great resource for finding information, but what happens when a page needs to be deleted? In this article, we’ll explore Wikihow’s deletion policy and what it means for users.

What is Wikihow’s Deletion Policy?

Wikihow’s deletion policy states that pages may be removed from the encyclopedia if they are deemed to be inappropriate, incomplete, or outdated. The policy also states that pages may be deleted if they violate the website’s terms of use, or if they are considered to be redundant or unnecessary.

Reasons for Deletion

There are a few different reasons why a page might be deleted from Wikihow. The first is if the page is deemed to be inappropriate or offensive. This could include pages that contain hate speech, or pages that violate copyright laws. Pages may also be deleted if they are incomplete or outdated. This could include pages that are missing important information, or pages that are no longer relevant.

Steps for Deleting Pages

If a page needs to be deleted from Wikihow, it must go through a few steps first. All deletions must be approved by a moderator, who will review the page and decide if it should be removed. Once the page is approved for deletion, it will be marked as “deleted” and will no longer be visible on the website.

What Happens to Deleted Pages?

When a page is deleted from Wikihow, it will no longer be visible on the website. However, the page may still be accessible through search engines, such as Google. If the page contains personal information or private data, it may also be archived by Wikihow in order to comply with data privacy laws.


If a page has been deleted from Wikihow, users may re-submit the page for approval. However, they must first make sure that the page complies with all of the website’s guidelines and policies. Additionally, users must make sure that the page is complete, up-to-date, and free of any inappropriate or offensive material. If the page does not meet these requirements, it will not be approved for re-submission.

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