Types of Popular Diamonds and Which One is Right for You?

Types of Popular Diamonds and Which One is Right for You?

For most of us, diamonds are that sparkly stones that never fail to mesmerise us. But did you know that there are several types of diamonds, each with its specific properties? And this determines how the diamond looks in that necklace, ring, or earrings.

So read on to know more about the different kinds of diamonds and to choose the best one for yourself:

  • Occurrence: The two main types of diamonds are natural and lab-grown diamonds. Natural diamonds are those that are made of carbon and are created naturally beneath the surface of the earth over millions of years. They are extracted, cut, and polished to bring them in their present shape and size. Lab-grown or manmade diamonds are those that ‘grown’ in a lab using technology instead of being extracted from the earth. These are cheaper than naturally occurring diamonds and suit people who love wearing diamonds on a budget.


  • Shape: Diamonds come in different shapes that determine the style of your jewellery. These are available in shapes such as round, princess cut, pear, heart, rectangle, and more. Round-shaped diamonds are more common and are used for gifting purposes quite often. That’s why they are priced lower than diamonds in other shapes. Pop over to this website to see diamond-studded jewellery designs.


  • Colour: We usually see white or colourless diamonds being used in jewellery and are found in different shapes and sizes. But did you know that they come in different hues and are extremely rare. Some of the most coveted coloured diamonds come in shades such as pink, red, green, and even black. Naturally, these rare coloured diamonds are more expensive as compared to white ones.


  • Clarity: There are different kinds of diamonds according to their clarity. Clarity is nothing but how clear the diamond appears and if there are any visible flaws in it. These types range from flawless to internally flawless, very, very slightly included, slightly included, and included. Naturally, the more flawless a diamond is the higher priced it will be. If there are flaws affecting its brilliance and transparency, the price will automatically go down. Find out this here and see different jewellery styles.


  • Carat: A carat is what defines the weight of a diamond. The more the weight, the higher the value, and vice versa. Diamonds that weigh half a carat are more popular because they are affordable. However, you should bear in mind that a colourless diamond of one carat may be of higher value than a larger stone that has lower clarity.


  • Cut: Not to be confused with shape, the cut of a diamond is what defines its visual proportions and features. These include the width and depth of the diamond, its symmetry, polish, and finish. A diamond gets all these features during the cutting and polishing process that makes it stand out from the rest by giving it its signature brilliance, brightness, and sparkle. The cut of a diamond is denoted by different grades ranging from Excellent (E) to Poor (P). Naturally, you will be required to pay a premium when you desire a great quality cut against someone who can compromise on the cut but not on the caratage.

With this guide and the smart tips, you will now be in a much better position to make an informed decision and pick up a diamond perfectly suited for yourself. Just ensure that your diamond comes with a certification that confirms all these criteria.

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