Types of car repair services

Types of car repair services

Understanding and knowing about the types of car services is essential both for car owners and for those who plan to open their own workshop someday. The first one helps people know where to look for car services, and the second one determines the business model that needs to be developed.

Car service categories
● by type of service;
● types of major repairs;
● by power and size;
● private or official dealerships;
● by location.

Car services by type of service and work:

Types of car service
By types of services, workshops, petrol pumps, service and repair shops, tire, paint services, anti-corrosion, car washes, tow trucks, instrumental control stations, and self-service stations are distinguished.
According to the types of work performed, car service and repair shops are divided into complex service stations and specialized service stations. The former can do all or most of the work.

Types of work in car services
● routine maintenance;
● preparation and sale of new and used cars;
● repair of automatic and mechanical transmissions;
● maintenance and repair of engines;
● body repair;
● undercarriage repair, balancing, wheel alignment;
● repair of electrics in cars;
● installation and maintenance of gas equipment in cars;
● Restoration of cars and spare parts.

They can also perform some additional tasks:
● maintenance and repair of air conditioners in cars;
● installation of acoustic systems, multimedia devices, alarms, navigation;
● external and internal tuning;
● tire fitting work.

Specialized service stations are designated service centers dedicated to only certain types of work or a specific car brand. It can be a car service for repairing only engines, car bodies, or a workshop that serves the Maruti brand exclusively.

This approach helps car owners find the best services and buy the equipment necessary for the repair.

Types of car services by size and accessories
Car services, depending on the power (size), are divided into:
● small (from 1 to 10 reception posts),
● medium (from 11 to 30 posts),
● large (from 31 to 50 posts),
● large stations (from 50 posts).
According to accessories, dealership, independent, and garage services for cars are distinguished.

Types of car services by location and mobility
Stationary service stations – These workshops serve customers in settlements and carry out repair work directly based on the service station.

Mobile (on-road services) These services save drivers from the worst situations when the car breaks down on the trip far from settlements or cannot move at all. However, they are limited in the types of work since they cannot come with all the necessary pieces of equipment.

Such an abundance of car services can be confusing. But it allows everyone to choose the type of workshop that is suitable in terms of finances, level of service, and reliability.

The automotive market is developing rapidly. According to Statista, in 2020, more than 2.9 million new cars were sold in India. In addition, over 275,000 used cars are resold every month. It is not surprising that car services in our country are one of the most promising businesses. The number of schools, services, eateries, and showrooms are growing exponentially.

Popular services in car maintenance and repair

Auto tuning and styling

The direction is in enviable demand. It aims to customize and improve the performance of the car:
● increase in engine power (volume, compression ratio, chip tuning, etc.);
● improvement of the suspension (strengthening, underestimation, replacement of components, etc.);
● improving the efficiency of the braking system;
● installation of non-standard body parts;
● painting and airbrushing;
● replacement and revision of electrics (alternative optics, underbody lighting, additional devices, amplifiers, and other solutions);
● individualization and replacement of interior elements (seats, dashboard, leather upholstery);
● finalization of the audio and video system;
● Preparation for participation in competitions (weight reduction, frame installation, replacement of the fuel system, and other specialized changes).

Car repair
Every part of technology has a lifespan, and with positive use, you can reduce the likelihood of failure. Aging and loss of useful properties of parts are some of the significant reasons for car repair. Mixed weather conditions, the fragility of the road surface, and the subjective attitude of the car owner complete this list.
This could result in an unplanned visit to an official car service that serves your car during the warranty period. Or another service station, depending on the age of the car.

What are the most popular auto repair services?
High competition in the market has contributed to the development of modern online app-based car services. These services can take on absolutely any malfunctions. So now you can drink coffee in the comfort of home while waiting for the mechanic to fix the car at your doorstep.
Also, these services are faster and cheaper than an official dealer.

The main services in the list remain:

● routine maintenance (replacement of consumables and fluids);
● visual and computer diagnostics of malfunctions;
● body denting and painting;
● current and major car repairs.

The presence of a service book contributes to the timely replacement of fluids. If you do not have such help, use the Internet. Regular car repair services app in terms of scheduled maintenance will help you keep your vehicle in good condition for a long time.

Car service – list of ongoing works
When booking a car service station where the car may be constantly serviced, it is worth paying attention to the services provided by the car service, the list of which can be found on their websites.
The list of services may differ at each service station. Here are some of them:
1. Engine – diagnostics, overhaul, replacement of spark plugs, oil seals, piston rings, timing belt tensioner, compression, and oil pressure measurements.
2. Gearbox – diagnostics, flushing the control unit, replacing the speedometer drive, gearbox, gearshift cable, checking the oil level.
3. Chassis – electronic diagnostics, steering rack repair, wheel alignment, oil seals, bearings, silent block, propeller shaft cross, rear axle reducer.
4. Brake system – replacement of the clutch cylinder, brake disc, caliper, brake hose, installation of brake pipes.
5. Fuel system – flushing and replacing injectors, electric fuel pump or air filter, flushing the airflow meter.
6. Cooling system – repair of the radiator, replacement of the thermostat, pump, power steering oil.
7. Electronics.

This is an overview of services provided by car services. The mechanic determines the specific list of what needs to be repaired after diagnostics.

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