Top Tourist Sites of the City in Charleston

Top Tourist Sites of the City in Charleston

Planning to visit this well-preserved Southern belle, Charleston? In this article, we are sharing some top tourist places that you can visit here. The city personifies the romantic notion of the Old South, with its aristocratic homes that are surrounded by lush foliage and its atmospheric brick streets. Book flight tickets for Charleston city cheap prices & visit the most popular city.

The city was once described as the wealthiest town in the American South. However, today, it retains more than any other, so trip to this city to explore such mesmerizing beauties with Allegiant Airlines Booking.

1. Ravenel Bridge

Also called Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge across the Cooper River, this bridge joins downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. For ages, this bridge is a well-loved landmark immediately upon its completion in 2005. Adore the cable-stay design that is more than just a pretty bridge. The cable is built to withstand winds over 300 miles per hour and a 7.4-scale earthquake. This even prevents collisions with ships.

Here, you can enjoy a shared bicycle-pedestrian path named Wonders’ Way, and walking or biking across it is a favorite activity for its sweeping views of Charleston with Allegiant Airlines Flights!

 2. Drayton Hall

Another site to visit is the elegant Drayton Hall. This hall is the oldest unrestored plantation house in America still open to the public. In addition to other local plantations, this Hall offers guided house tours. However, it differs from the house itself. Admire the walls, floors, and fireplaces that remain virtually undisturbed, giving a rare glimpse into the past.

Watch out for the exquisite interiors featuring ornamental details and original 18th-century craftsmanship with a flight with allegiant air!

3.Fort Sumter National Monument

Come to this monument where the American Civil War began on April 12, 1861. Fort Sumter got ruined but some parts are well preserved. Learn here the story of Fort Sumter and how it helped shape history. Don’t forget to get a camera here and click pictures as a memory to cherish!

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4.The Charleston Museum

Another best-known site in the town is the museum. This museum is also known as “America’s First Museum,” visiting the Charleston Museum was founded in 1773 by the Charleston Library Society. This museum has vast collections, arranged in several permanent exhibits. The museum begins with Native Americans and early settlers in the Low country History Hall. In addition, here you can see rare slave badges and early tools used in rice growing.

5. Nathaniel Russell House and Aiken-Rhett House

If you love walking, there is one more place to visit which is an aristocratic mansion with its verandahs and imposing facades. At this place, there are house museums, with some furnished and decorated as they were in their heyday. Every house here offers a glimpse of upper-crust life in old Charleston.

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