Top Benefits of Purging Compounds for Hot Runner Systems

Top Benefits of Purging Compounds for Hot Runner Systems

Tired of squandering time and money on plastic purge compounds for hot runner systems? Look no further; this blog will discuss the top advantages of using purging compounds in hot runner systems. Purging compounds are specifically designed to clean and maintain your hot runner systems, allowing for a more efficient and smooth injection moulding process. You can save time and money on machine downtime and material waste by using purging compounds, while also improving the quality of your finished products. Let’s take a look at the top advantages of purging compounds for hot runner systems and how they can aid in the optimisation of your injection moulding process.

Are Purging Compounds Optimal for Hot Runner Systems?

Purging compounds are an effective solution for increasing the efficiency of hot runner systems. But how do these compounds work in hot runner systems? Purging compounds for hot runner systems are typically used in the following ways:

  1. Remove any excess material, including runners and gates, from the hot runner system.
  2. Reduce the processing temperature to a level appropriate for purging compound use.
  3. Fill the system with the purging compound, following the dosage and mixing instructions.
  4. Allow the purging compound to circulate through the system for a predetermined amount of time to remove any residual material.
  5. Remove the purging compound from the system by flushing it out with a suitable material or raising the processing temperature until it is no longer present.

It is critical to follow best practices when using purging compounds for hot runner systems. These include selecting the appropriate purging compound for the material being processed as well as the hot runner system. It is also necessary to carefully follow the dosage and mixing instructions. Regular maintenance of the hot runner system is required to prevent the accumulation of residual material. And ensuring that purging compounds are used on a regular basis to prevent any potential problems from occurring.

Many businesses have discovered the advantages of using purging compounds in their hot runner systems. For example, a plastics manufacturer was dealing with frequent colour changeovers and lengthy machine downtime. They used purging compounds and saw a 50% reduction in colour changeover time, resulting in significant machine downtime and cost savings. Another company that uses hot runner systems for medical device manufacturing saw an improvement in product quality and consistency after implementing regular purging compound usage.

Benefits of Using Purging Compounds for Hot Runner Systems

If you work in the injection moulding industry, you understand how critical it is to keep your hot runner systems running smoothly and efficiently. One method is to use purging compounds, which have numerous advantages. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Improved Colour Changeovers

Colour changeovers are an important aspect of injection moulding, especially in industries that produce different coloured products. Colour changes can be time-consuming and disruptive to production, resulting in increased machine downtime and material waste. Purging compounds, on the other hand, can significantly improve colour changeovers. They can remove residual colour quickly and effectively, reducing the time required to switch colours. Purging compounds have been shown in studies to reduce colour changeover time by up to 90%.

  1. Reduced Machine Downtime

Machine downtime can have a significant impact on production output, resulting in revenue loss. Downtime can occur for a variety of reasons, such as maintenance, colour changes, and material changes. You can reduce machine downtime by minimising the time required for maintenance, colour changes, and material changes by using purging compounds. Purging compounds have been shown in practice to reduce downtime by up to 50%.

  1. Improved Quality of Finished Products

The quality of finished products is critical for customer satisfaction and can have an impact on your company’s reputation. Regular maintenance of hot runner systems is critical to ensuring product quality. Purging compounds can help keep hot runner systems clean, prevent contamination, and reduce the risk of finished product defects. Many examples show that using purging compounds can result in a 70% reduction in scrap rates, resulting in a significant improvement in finished product quality.

  1. Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Hot runner systems that are inefficient can result in increased material waste, machine downtime, and production costs. Using purging compounds, you can improve the efficiency of your hot runner systems while lowering maintenance, material waste, and machine downtime costs. According to some cases, using purging compounds can result in a 35% reduction in material waste and a 25% reduction in production costs.

In conclusion, using purging compounds is critical for preserving the efficiency and quality of your hot runner systems. These compounds help reduce machine downtime and material waste while also improving injection moulding process performance. They provide numerous advantages, such as reduced scrap rates, faster colour and material changes, and improved product consistency. Purging compounds are being used by an increasing number of manufacturers for their hot runner systems due to their numerous benefits. Don’t put off optimising your injection moulding process any longer; try Chem-Trend release agent and purging compounds today and see the difference!

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