The Ombori Grid is Changing the Way Retail Works

The Ombori Grid is Changing the Way Retail Works

The behavior of customers has been changing for some time, and much of that change has been focused on the way they shop online, versus the experiences they have in a brick-and-mortar location. Since they’re used to finding what they want online and buying it, they like the efficiency of the experience. Now, they’ve come to expect a similar type of experience from purchasing something in person. When they don’t receive that experience, they may not come back to the store they were shopping at.

But the problem comes in when retailers aren’t able to meet those kinds of demands. They don’t always have enough sales associates available to provide what customers need, and that’s where the Ombori Grid, developer of no-code retail tech, can come in and provide more value for both stores and their customers. Providing customers with a digital experience, along with the help and support they need and want, can make their in-person shopping trips much better for them, and also help to build up brand loyalty for that specific store location.

As customers come out to shop in person, they look for sales associates to help them and people to give them information on the products they’re looking into. But when they don’t find that kind of interaction, they’ll frequently go elsewhere. The same is true if they encounter a lot of long lines. They may be all right with it once or twice, but if it becomes a consistent pattern then the shopper will just start going somewhere else or buying online, instead. The digital experience of the Ombori Grid can help reduce that problem.

Now that stores are starting to see what customers really want and need, they can get a better idea of how they can make changes to help those customers have a better shopping experience. Not only does that benefit the customers, but it has big benefits for the stores because it keeps people coming back to them. Shoppers can be very loyal, but stores have to give them reasons to be, beyond just selection or price. Customers come back when they feel valued, and the right digital experience with the Ombori Grid can help them with that.

As customers continue to experience more options for digital help and support through brick-and-mortar stores, the kind of help they get will evolve, as well. Having the ability to get digital assistance while in a store means those customers won’t be waiting around for salespeople to help them or leaving because they can’t get their questions answered. It also means they’ll have an experience that’s more similar in some ways to what they get online, which can keep them feeling more comfortable about the interaction as a whole.

That provides a positive experience and a lot of value for customers, and also for the stores that show they’re meeting and understanding customer needs through giving them the kind of help they’re looking for. Retailers who are willing to elevate their operations through technology like Ombori Grid can see more long-term success through the implementation of best practices that benefit everyone.

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