Six Hair Wigs You can Use for Different Reasons

Six Hair Wigs You can Use for Different Reasons

The store or shop for wigs where you go, depends upon your reason for buying the wig in the first place. If you want a wig for the sake of fun, like a funky or a costume or just for a change, then you can pick one up any discount store. That store would generally be selling the lower-end synthetic or full lace closure wigs. If, on the flip side, you need a wig that looks natural and can be worn frequently, then shopping from a renowned wig boutique would be the way to go. Because that wig store would definitely be a specialized hairpieces or a wig maker.

Does the above proposition means that you will need to spend big on a wig to look like you are wearing a costume? Perhaps not!

The internet now caters to hundreds of various options for those who need to purchase high quality best lace frontal wigs online at an affordable cost compared to some known boutiques. This is a benefit of not need to cover the costs like the rent of an attractive boutique with a posh decor. Online wig retailers can now offer their products at better prices; thanks to lower overhead expense.

Six Types of Wigs

There are six primary wigs.

  • Machine made wigs or synthetic wigs,
  • hand-tied synthetic,
  • human hair tied,
  • human-machine made,
  • custom breathable and
  • Vacuum base wigs.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs might have a skin-like material on the front, the top, and on the crown area to provide a more organic appearance that should be attractive. This wig style can easily and permanently set into a synthetic fiber. Also, this wig will return after every wash. Make sure to follow carefully the care instructions by the human hair wigs’ manufacturer.

Human Hair Tied Wigs

Human Hair Tied or Cranial Prosthesis wigs can vary according to base materials. However, they typically comprise of one or more of silicone, the mono filament, polyester mesh, silk, or thin polyurethane.

A non-slip material around the ear tabs or nape of neck can have a non-slip material where you can use a corresponding thin transparent tape. Hair types with this type of wig can be found in Indian, Asian, Remy, and European hair. It is quite important to closely follow the care instructions from the manufacturer when styling and washing the wig to avoid tangling and harming of the hair.

Hand-tied Synthetic Wigs

Hand tied synthetic wigs are created by taking synthetic fiber tied into a base material. The style and hair growth pattern or curl pattern is permanently set. These wigs can be taken care of easily and a desirable choice for women needing a change up in their look for occasions or for something different.

Machine Made Human Hair Wigs

Machine made human hair wigs are determined by the type of Human Hair that is used as well as the cap construction. Human hair wigs require more time for care and styling just like your own hair would. You will need to plan on restyling after each shampooing. Make sure to use the best quality shampoo and thoroughly comb out after each wash.

Vacuum Base Wigs

Vacuum-base wigs are made on a higher end line and always need upfront investment of time alongside money. They are designed to fit particular heads or you can call it custom-made. Be prepared to have a plaster mold taken of your head to ensure proper suction of the wig to your head. Silicone is the base material sourced from European hair and injected into the wig base. This is the best hair wig for women going through rapid hair loss. They can be a bit warm but are well worth the natural appearance of natural hair.

Breathable Custom Base Wigs

The captioned wigs are a wonderful choice for ladies going through Alopecia Totalis (complete hair loss). Manufacturers use high-quality prosthesis with little ventilation holes that gives comfort, brilliant fit, and natural hairline. However, it does require replacement after every three to four months.

Where to discover and buy wigs online is simple and requires a brisk search. Sometimes you need to spend time to explore the source to assure that the online store has repute. But, picking your hairpiece online is another story. Because of the idea of the things and the issue of cleanliness, hairpieces are regularly not returnable so you should be almost certain of what you need before you request.

This drags us to the high-end shops and stores discussed above. A visit to these stores will give  you the opportunity to try out various styles, brands, and colors so that you can make sure what will look best on you.

Last Word

If you have the budget to afford high-end stores, then you must go for it without giving a second thought. However, for those who cannot afford wigs from premium stores, they can forget the style, color and brand. They can search their favorite wig online in a budget. So find the best deal by surfing the internet.

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