Role of an Employer in Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Office

Role of an Employer in Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Office

Sexual harassment cases may be common but are very serious. No one should take these incidents lightly. Even if you are a witness to such an incident, you should always support and encourage the victim and report it before things go out of hand. Likewise, sexual harassment at the workplace should be taken seriously and strict actions should be taken against the abuser. It is important to hire a qualified and knowledgeable San Antonio sexual harassment attorney, who can handle these cases as and when required.

What should an employer do to stop sexual harassment in the workplace?

An employer plays a vital role in preventing these cases in the office. He must address the issues of employees and take the right steps at the right time. Some of the effective ways to reduce these cases in the office are elaborated on below:

Safe culture in the office 

One of the best ways to stop these incidents is to implement the right kind of policies in which it should be mentioned that sexual harassment would not be tolerated at any cost. When employees and management are aware of the strict actions, tweakvip, sexual harassment can be reduced to a great extent.

Addressing the problems of employees

Workers feel safe in the workplace when they know that the management would look into their problems and try to help them. It is important for an employer to address the problems of the victim of sexual harassment and hold the abuser accountable.  It will also build a strong relationship between the employees and the employer. They will trust the employer and stay with the company for a long time.

Conducting training 

To educate everyone in the company on what actions can be accountable for sexual harassment and their outcome, the employer must conduct training within the office from time to time. This way, employees, staff, managers and others will understand its importance. Such cases will be reduced if proper training and discussions are held in the company.

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct on the job that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. Any conduct of a sexual nature that makes an employee uncomfortable has the potential to be sexual harassment.

Hiring an attorney

If sexual harassment incident happens within the company, the victim may contact an attorney from the outside. If the company already has hired him, the victim may contact him or the employer may contact him and get the matter resolved as soon as possible.

We can conclude that the employer can take the proper actions to stop harassment in the office and make it a better and safer place for everyone. 

Harassment is a gender-neutral offense, at least in theory: Men can sexually harass women, and women can sexually harass men. However, statistics show that the overwhelming majority of harassment claims and charges are brought by women claiming that they were sexually harassed by men. People of the same sex can also sexually harass each other, as long as the harassment is based on sex rather than orientation, which is not a protected characteristic under Title VII.

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