Real fur coats should never shed, designers find

Real fur coats should never shed, designers find

When it comes to buying a fur coat today, many people choose to go for the cheap option and buy faux fur coats. To some, the saving makes sense. To others, though, the cost is not worth the ‘saving’ at all. Why? For one, you can buy quality real fur today for great prices compared to the past. Fur specialists such as make it affordable to buy fur clothing without having to worry about the price. But the main reason that you should look to buy real fur over faux fur is the longevity.

Put simply, a faux fur coat is likely to show signs of wear and tear quickly. This often comes due to poor adhesive being used on the actual process. This can mean that the fur is unable to glue to the coat properly and as time goes on the fur will begin to degrade, fall out, and leave your coat looking bare. Expect to spot bare spots and shedding when you sit down somewhere – it’s simply the way of fur clothing.

For most people, though, it seems worth it. Despite faux fur lasting for a fraction of the real thing, many people see the saving in the price as worth such a loss. Is that a good idea, though? Absolutely not. The saving that you make is often a small amount of money compared to the many years that a real fur coat should last compared to a faux fur coat.

Why do real fur coats last longer than faux fur?

Well, the main reason is that real fur is exactly that – real. It is attached in a much more natural and powerful way than even the best faux fur coats. They are going to be much more durable as they are going to be without the shedding issues that you might find with a fake alternative. Typical wear and tear should not see a real fur coat looking matted and bare after a few years – it should last for a long, long time so long as you care for the coat.

The main way to make sure that your coat stays in top condition is to look after it carefully. Never use a hairdryer on your full fur coat, for example. You should allow a fur coat to dry naturally, as the heat from a hair dryer can cause the fur to react poorly.

You should always focus on the quality of a fur coat, and faux fur coats can simply never live up to the real thing. Try as they may, such a coat can simply never retain the same strength and structure as a real fur object.

Real fur is a huge challenge to get out of the coat, while faux fur is quite easy to knock off a coat with a little coaxing. Try and keep that in mind. Real fur should stay where it is for many years to come; fake fur, though, will not.

That is why real fur coats are normally found by designers to be by far and away the best option for value.

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