Mircari- Ecommerce Business Platform with Useful Details

Mircari- Ecommerce Business Platform with Useful Details

Mircari is a trusted marketplace to sell and buy your stuff. It’s like eBay or Amazon. From clothes and apparel to kitchen products, Miracle has a wide range of products. This blog will provide complete details about Mirakari and how to grow your business on this platform.

What is Miracari?

Mircari is a marketplace just like eBay, Wish, ASOS, or Amazon, where you can buy and sell anything if the item can be shipped to your local area.

The app requires sellers to ship goods to buyers and limits in-person meetings. The app keeps both buyers and sellers fully informed about any transaction through verification and reviews. You can easily set up your online business on Mircari.


Let’s dive into the history of Mirakari and see how it became the popular platform it is today.

The Marketplace app is the flagship product of Japanese e-commerce company “Mircari”. Inc”. It was first launched in Japan in 2013 and has since become Japan’s largest community-driven marketplace. More than 10 billion transactions are made through the platform every month. The company is the first to reach unicorn status in Japan.

How to get membership of Mircari?

Signing up is very easy. Listing an item is also free, although it may take a few minutes to list.

Mircari Box

How to create a Mircari account?

  1. Creating a Mirakari account is a very simple process. You have to follow these steps:
  2. Go to his website home page.
  3. Click on “Sign Up”.
  4. Fill in your email, username, and password details.

If you do not receive a verification SMS on your device, you can request a verification code through a phone call.

How to login to Mircari using Facebook?

You must add your Facebook account login credentials to access Mircari account. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Mircari login page

  1. Open the login page via Mircari.com/login/
  2. Click on “Continue with Facebook” option.
  3. Enter your Facebook login email and password.
  4. Tap on the login button to access the account and enjoy shopping.

Login instructions for Mircari

Before logging into your Mircari account you must follow certain guidelines to ensure account security. You should read Meraki’s terms and conditions before agreeing to this.

Also, use a strong password that is at least 12 characters long. Be sure to use a variety of symbols, letters, or numbers in your password. Also, check if the email you are entering is already registered or not.

Steps to follow if you forget your password

Forgetting passwords happens naturally to many people. But don’t worry because if you ever forget your account password, you can easily recover it with these simple steps:

  1. Go to Mircari login page.
  2. button on the login page, you should see “Forgot password?” There will be an option.
  3. Type your email address registered to your account.
  4. Select “Reset Password”.
  5. Steps to reset your Mircari password
  6. Now to reset your password, follow these steps:
  7. Select the “Reset Password” option.
  8. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  9. Click on it and save the new password.

Download and install the Mircari app on your Android or iOS device.

The Marketplace app has currently crossed 100 million+ downloads. The Miracle app is available for free on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. The steps to download it are also very easy.

How to avoid fraud on Mircari?

It is important to know not only what you are buying but also who you are buying it from in any online marketplace.

Many cases of fraud occur when sellers and buyers are unaware of the warning signs before engaging in business. Here’s how to avoid fraud on Mircari when buying and selling, and spot a potential scam before it’s too late:

Don’t do business outside of the Online Sell app

If you do business outside of their platform, your transactions won’t be secured by them, putting you at risk.

Never give out your personal contact information

Such as your phone number, email address, or social media account – to anyone.

Create a strong password

Use a strong password on all platforms, not just Mircari, and change it frequently.

Be careful

Before buying a product, be sure to read reviews and descriptions.

Do not disclose login information

Do not give your Mircari account password to anyone, including third-party websites.

Order confirmation must be received within 3 days

You have three days from receiving the item to determine if it is defective or as advertised.

Confirm order within 3 days

You have three days from receiving an item to confirm whether it is defective or as advertised. You have three days from the delivery date to seek a return if there is a problem with the item.

Do not sell prohibited items

If you sell prohibited items on the Sites, your account will be suspended and your transactions will be cancelled.

Use a credit card instead of a debit card

Here is always the possibility of fraud. While using a debit card is not a problem, credit cards often come with additional protections for online purchases.

So these are some important points that you should keep in mind to avoid scams.

Best Tips to Buy Safely on Mircari

There are a few things you should know before starting your Mircari shopping spree, but these are the most important to ensure a safe purchase.

Don’t ignore reviews

If you order products without first reading their reviews, you will be at risk. Before buying or even contacting a seller, the best way to make sure you’re buying products safely on Mircari is to do your homework. Look for the following:

Watch for any negative feedback.

Images of merchandise uploaded by the seller.

Check to see if the photos were taken from all angles.

Check your order

As we all know Mircari does not transfer your cash to the seller until you have received and confirmed your order. Buyers have three days to confirm the order and rate the seller if the item is as described.

Make sure everything is there and appears exactly as you ordered, and that it’s not a counterfeit. If not, you have three days from the delivery date to seek a refund. If you do not, all sales are final.

Best Tips to Sell Safely on Mircari

Selling items on Mircari may seem straightforward, but selling them correctly requires care, so the following recommendations can help you sell your items safely.

Avoid selling prohibited items

If you are going to sell your items on Mircari, never sell anything that is on the prohibited items list.

Any time a seller lists a prohibited item, it is a violation of their terms of service, whether the seller did it intentionally or not.

If Mircari concludes that a listing is in violation, the seller’s listing will be removed and any associated transactions will be canceled, and the seller’s account will be suspended or terminated.

Shipping protection

Once you’ve made a sale, your main priority will be to ship the product to the buyer, but there are some things you need to keep in mind before shipping the item.

Here are some tips you need to know:

Seller must ship item within three business days of receiving payment.

To complete the purchase, provide a valid tracking number for the item you are shipping.

Even if the item has been shipped, Mircari cannot be held responsible for orders without a valid tracking number, and your transaction may be cancelled.

Pack carefully to avoid damage

Never vaguely or misrepresent what you are selling.

You can use a Mircari prepaid label to ship your order, but if it weighs more than 150 pounds, you’ll have to ship it yourself.

Not all items that you are sending must be on the list of prohibited items.

So finally, you’ve shipped the item. The next step is to go to the order status page and click on “I have shipped it” and notify your buyer as well.

These are some of the most important points about shipping that you need to keep in mind.

Make sure your product listings are accurate

Some customers wish to buy a product, but when they receive it, they are not satisfied and want to return it. On the other hand, the buyer cannot return goods without a valid reason, such as broken items, misleading descriptions, or incorrect photos.

In this scenario, it is up to you to double check that all the information in your listings is correct.

Keep all shipping and delivery details handy

As stated earlier, the seller must provide a genuine tracking number in the event that a buyer claims not to have received an item. If this happens, the seller will be able to demonstrate that the item was shipped and delivered to the buyer’s address.

Prohibited items

If you sell any of Mircari’s prohibited products, you may face serious consequences.

Explore this essential list of items to avoid being fined by Mircari and sell them in your marketplace.

Here’s a list of products you can’t sell on Mircari with examples.

  1. Anything illegal like drugs
  2. Foods such as FDA restrictions
  3. Lists of counterfeit items such as off-brands.
  4. Weapons such as firearms or parts
  5. Digital items such as e-books
  6. Cigarettes
  7. Identity theft such as user login information
  8. Age-restricted products such as licenses
  9. Mystery shopping like gambling
  10. Financial items such as insurance
  11. Animals like dogs
  12. Human body organs like blood
  13. Pornographic material such as sex toys
  14. Things that aren’t yours like drop shipping
  15. A security risk
  16. Computer virus, malware type items

Mircari prohibits the sale of these items, so don’t sell them. If anyone is selling these items, Mircari reserves the right to penalize them by canceling their listings, removing their listing rights, terminating or suspending their account.

Advantages and disadvantages of mediation

These are the main pros and cons of Mercury that we think you can expect to encounter when using this marketplace.

Communication profession

Listing is free.

Unlike eBay and other online e-commerce marketplaces, Mircari allows you to list your items for free.

Fairly priced

This is a market for old or used items that the seller no longer needs, so you can buy them at a reasonable price and save money.

Low sales fees

Fees are reasonable; Once a deal is completed, Mircari charges a flat 10% selling fee.

The shipping process is simple.

The fact that it is easy to ship items to your buyers is a major advantage.

Negotiate before buying.

You can get more information about the item you are going to buy at any time, and you can easily communicate with the seller through chat.

Creating a list of items is very easy.

Another advantage is that you can easily and quickly list products in just a few minutes.

Handle your business through your phone.

You can do almost everything from your phone, which is a huge plus.

Mircari cons

Lower end items are not eligible.

Mircari is not a good place to sell low value items ($1 to $15) because you have to pay Mircari a 10�eand then pay shipping, which is not worth it even if the customer pays for shipping. .

Passive sellers

Some sellers must be proactive; Otherwise, the buyer will not receive a response to their listing.

Buyer’s rates are not paid.

As a seller, you don’t get paid until the buyer gives you a rating, but as a buyer, that’s an advantage.


We hope this article has answered all your questions about Mircari such as “Is Mircari a legit site?” and “Is communication safe?” As well as many other questions. In short, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you need to do your due diligence before making a transaction and keep a close eye on all your dealings to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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