Lenovo Ideapad Legion y740-15 (rtx 2070)

Lenovo Ideapad Legion y740-15 (rtx 2070)

Lenovo has established itself as a prominent player in the laptop gaming industry, consistently pushing boundaries and redefining expectations. Among its stellar lineup, the Lenovo Ideapad Legion Y740-15 (RTX 2070) stands out as a powerhouse, offering a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and unparalleled gaming performance. In this review, we delve into the intricacies of this gaming laptop, exploring its features, design, display, performance, and overall value proposition.

Design and Build:

The Lenovo Ideapad Legion Y740-15 (RTX 2070) boasts a design that strikes a harmonious balance between gamer aesthetics and a professional appeal. The aluminum chassis exudes durability, with a refined Legion logo on the lid and customizable RGB lighting that adds a touch of personalization. The laptop’s design isn’t just about looks; it also incorporates practical elements, such as a well-ventilated bottom panel for efficient heat dissipation during intense gaming sessions.

The laptop’s build quality is exceptional, featuring a sturdy hinge mechanism that allows for a smooth opening and closing experience. The keyboard is positioned for optimal gaming comfort, and the tactile feedback on the keys enhances the overall typing and gaming experience. The inclusion of a full-sized keyboard with customizable RGB lighting adds a layer of personalization, making it not only a powerful gaming machine but also a stylish one.


The 15.6-inch Full HD display on the Lenovo Ideapad Legion Y740-15 is nothing short of breathtaking. Boasting a high refresh rate of 144Hz and NVIDIA G-Sync technology, the display ensures buttery-smooth gameplay with minimal screen tearing. The Dolby Vision HDR support enhances the visual experience, delivering vibrant colors and deep contrasts that bring games and multimedia content to life.

The slim bezels surrounding the display contribute to an immersive viewing experience, making it ideal for both gaming and content consumption. The anti-glare coating helps reduce reflections, ensuring that the display remains clear and visible even in brightly lit environments. Whether you’re engaged in an intense gaming session or watching your favorite movies, the Y740-15’s display consistently delivers sharp, vivid visuals.


At the heart of the Lenovo Ideapad Legion Y740-15 (RTX 2070) lies the formidable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU, a graphics powerhouse that takes gaming and content creation to new heights. Combined with the Intel Core i7 processor and ample RAM, this laptop is well-equipped to handle demanding tasks with ease. From resource-intensive games to video editing, the Y740-15 demonstrates exceptional performance without breaking a sweat.

The RTX 2070 GPU introduces real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced graphics, providing a level of visual realism previously unseen in gaming laptops. This technology not only enhances in-game visuals but also future-proofs the laptop for upcoming titles that leverage these advanced features. The laptop’s cooling system ensures optimal thermal management, preventing overheating and maintaining peak performance even during extended gaming sessions.

Storage options on the Y740-15 are diverse, with configurations offering a combination of SSD and HDD storage. The SSD ensures swift system responsiveness and faster load times for applications and games, while the HDD provides ample storage space for larger files. This balance is crucial for gamers who prioritize both speed and storage capacity.

Connectivity and Ports:

Lenovo understands the importance of connectivity in a gaming laptop, and the Y740-15 doesn’t disappoint. It comes equipped with a range of ports, including USB Type-A, USB Type-C, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, and an audio jack. The inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 support further expands the laptop’s versatility, enabling users to connect external GPUs or high-performance storage devices for an added boost in graphics or storage capabilities.

Networking capabilities are equally robust, with Wi-Fi 6 support ensuring faster and more reliable wireless connections. This is particularly advantageous for online gaming and high-bandwidth tasks, providing a competitive edge in multiplayer environments.

Audio Experience:

Immersive audio is a crucial component of the gaming experience, and the Lenovo Ideapad Legion Y740-15 delivers on this front as well. The Dolby Atmos speaker system provides dynamic sound that envelops the user, enhancing the overall gaming, movie, or music experience. The clarity and spatial awareness of the audio contribute to a more immersive gameplay environment, allowing users to hear subtle in-game cues and footsteps with precision.

Software and Customization:

Lenovo’s Vantage software serves as a centralized hub for system customization, performance monitoring, and updates. Users can fine-tune settings such as RGB lighting, system performance modes, and fan speeds to suit their preferences. The software also ensures that the laptop is running the latest firmware and driver updates, optimizing its performance and security.


The Lenovo Ideapad Legion Y740-15 (RTX 2070) stands out as a formidable gaming laptop that excels in design, display, performance, and overall user experience. Its sleek and durable design, coupled with a high-refresh-rate display and powerful internals, makes it a top choice for gamers and content creators alike.

The inclusion of cutting-edge technology, such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU with real-time ray tracing, positions the Y740-15 as a future-proof investment for those looking to stay ahead in the gaming landscape. With thoughtful features like customizable RGB lighting, a comfortable keyboard, and robust connectivity options, Lenovo has created a gaming laptop that not only meets the demands of avid gamers but also caters to users seeking a versatile and powerful computing device.