Latest 24-inch Smart TVs for Entertainment

Latest 24-inch Smart TVs for Entertainment

Televisions have gradually evolved and imbibed features that have rendered them indispensable. While allowing people to indulge in some moments of leisure and quality family time, televisions enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior decor as well. Possessing a sleek and futuristic TV set adds to the style quotient. Whether it is the living room or bedroom, TVs can fit anywhere. 

However, you need to conduct a proper evaluation and not randomly choose a TV for your home. For a spacious environment such as a living room, you need to invest in at least a 43-inch TV to receive an all-around view. However, for a room with small dimensions, a 24-inch TV can extend stellar performance without straining the eyes.

The 24 inch LED TV price commences from around 8,000 INR. However, the leading smart TV brands do not release a host of smart TVs in the 24-inch assortment. At present, smart TVs are being favoured because of their utility value. With an in-built Wi-Fi facility, these new-age gadgets allow access to the infinite possibilities extended by the internet. 

Streaming movies, TV series, live sporting action etc. have been rendered feasible without having to resort to the usual satellite channels. When OTT content’s popularity has spread like wildfire, the augmented demand for smart TVs should not raise an eyebrow. Smart TVs are futuristic and here to stay.

If you’re searching the market for a 24-inch smart TV, we have you covered. We provide you with a catalogue of some of the latest 24-inch Smart LED TVs in the Indian market that will rank up your entertainment game.

  • Power Guard 60 cm (24-inch) HD Ready LED Smart Android TV (PG 24 S): Power Guard — the name might not sound familiar, but it is an Indian manufacturing brand that delivers top-notch electronic products. Few manufacturers invest in smart TVs in the 24-inch category, and Power Guard is among those few exceptions. The LED TV price can drain about 15,000 INR from your savings, which is quite affordable. Furthermore, the 24-inch LED TV can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any exquisitely designed home decor due to its splendid build. The bezels are not overwhelming and fairly thin, which can leave any viewer spell-bound. Once you switch on your TV, you will be transported to a whole new world of entertainment. Whether you prefer watching movies or your favourite games from the comfort of your room, this model will lend an enriching experience. The HD-Ready resolution can run the videos in 720p resolution, which will suffice for a TV with minimal dimensions. The built-in Wi-Fi feature helps you connect to the internet, and opens a whole new world of entertainment before your eyes in the form of videos, music and movies. This model comes with an Android Operating System with a few pre-installed applications. 8GB of internal storage furnishes ample opportunity to save content offline, or to download more applications.
  • Noble Skiodo NB24YT01 (24-inch) LED HD-Ready TV: This model from Noble Skiodo can be a game-changer if you are working with a tight budget. Priced just below 8,000 INR, it incorporates Linux OS in its interface and supports YouTube. Though the quantity of supported applications is limited, you can surf and browse the internet without any issues. Bracing a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels (HD-Ready), this latest device extends crystal clear pictures with emphasis on detail. Thus, you will not get zoned out or lose interest due to inferior picture quality, which invariably acts as a mood dampener. This model lays the ground for diverse media connectivity; it has been furnished with two HDMI ports and one USB port. It also features in-built Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity for greater convenience.
  • Onida Leo 60 cm (24-inch) HD-Ready LED Smart TV (LEO24HAIN): If you wish to encourage the usage of Indian products, then set an example by purchasing this TV set from Onida. This Indian brand will not leave any scope for complaint or regret. The Leo HD-ready TV set is accompanied by an in-built Wi-Fi feature, which sanctions seamless access to the internet. Dual speakers (20W) fused into the TV facilitate an immersive aural experience. Overall, it is a worthy pick at its price.
  • CloudWalker CLOUD TV 24AH 24-inch LED HD-Ready TV: The LED TV price from CloudWalker comes to about 9,000 INR. With a horizontal and vertical resolution combination of 1366 x 768 pixels, this TV fosters an enriching viewing experience. The images come to life, and appear sharper and brighter owing to the TV’s HD-Ready resolution. The TV runs on the Android operating system, and arrives with numerous pre-installed applications such as YouTube and Netflix.

Bring home the latest 24-inch TV to add smart features to your life. Pay your bill by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to savour no-cost EMIs, along with other offers. With the no-cost EMI feature, you can cover the 24-inch LED TV price in monthly instalments at no extra cost. Moreover, you can be assured of greater flexibility and convenience, since the tenor of the EMI ranges between 3 and 24 months.

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