To Find & Choose The Best Instagram Hashtags

To Find & Choose The Best Instagram Hashtags

How To Find & Choose The Best Instagram Hashtags




Before you decide to apply them, you need to identify the top hashtags that relate to your blog and your content and viewers. What I like may not be suitable for you,(instagram) and what works for a beauty blog won’t work for an animal trainer. (Unless you run the option of a salon for dogs, and in that case, some aspects may be similar.)


However, you’ll get the idea. Every kind of account has to have distinctive content. Since hashtags tend to be more concerned with the language your target viewers are using to locate your account than about which words describe your image the most accurately, There are plenty of factors to consider.


One word

uninspired hashtags (such as #cool #pretty food etc.) won’t do it. Why? Because they’re overused, likely to be spammy, and concurrence is insane. This means that your photos are likely to be lost among other images. Even when they are seen but won’t be seen by the people you’re trying to connect with (aka the type of people who click follow after seeing your profile).

Check out the images you’ve posted over the past two weeks. Do they include food photos and inspirational quotes? Or fashion-related posts?

Consider what you’d want to be a part of Instagram for. Do you want to inspire fashion or business tips, makeup tutorials, or even travel lust? Make a list of hashtags you believe people will look up to find you and your content.

Do your research

Note down the hashtags relevant to your search that pop up.

Please take a look at similar accounts and the hashtags they are using. (Be certain to read the first comment first, since most people put their hashtags in the comment section instead of within the caption.)

Do not bother with this step, and instead swipe the copy of another’s Hashtag Database to save yourself lots of time. I purchased this item for myself the last year as I’m still using it today.

The first step (finding the most appropriate hashtags that you can use on your page) is vital and will save you a lot of time since you won’t need to come up with 30 hashtags each when you update your account.

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You need to follow each of the research techniques above to include all hashtags you discover in an Excel spreadsheet. You can add sheets for each kind of post or category that you normally can find (to simplify it for future use) and divide your hashtags this way.


It would be best if you aimed to have a minimum of 50-60 hashtags in each category. Be sure to record each thought you have regardless of how ridiculous.




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The ideal scenario is that the research phase should be a brain dump of possible hashtags that you think of or discover while browsing through other accounts. Finding the most effective hashtags and then narrowing down your choices to ensure you’re using all the spots that you’ve got for each image to the highest quality follows next.

You’re now free to be concerned about the quality of the hashtags you’ve added to your list and scouring your spreadsheet for any potential “duds”.

To ensure that you’re selecting only the top quality hashtags for the Instagram account, you’ll be required to review your list and then follow the following steps:


  • Remove hashtags with less than 20-30k users and over 300k users. They are so frequently used that your photo could be lost at sea in minutes.

Take out hashtags with one word.

Be sure that each hashtag is appropriate for the content you publish. (Sometimes hashtags carry different significance. Avoid confusion.)

Please do some research to find out the prohibited Instagram hashtags, and ensure you don’t use them. A brief list of prohibited hashtags is the hashtags #americangirl, #attractive”cheeky,” #girlsonly hashtags include #singlelife, #mirrorphoto, #single the list goes on. (To verify whether a hashtag is prohibited, search for it on Instagram. If it shows it’s utilized x times, but no photos show up, Instagram has blacklisted that hashtag.)

It may seem like quite a bit to do; however, when you’ve completed this, you’ll have a variety of premium hashtags for your posts and save yourself lots of time.


If you’re unable to find enough time to conduct all this research to find the most effective hashtags for your field and then go through the entire list to determine what the top ones are, there’s an answer! When I decided to get serious about Instagram the last year, I was aware that I had to locate relevant hashtags, but I didn’t know where to begin!


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