How To Make Your Fire Rated Safe Completely Fireproof

How To Make Your Fire Rated Safe Completely Fireproof

The safe you get from the store or online is usually fire-resistant, not fireproof. Even if its’ declared that a fire-rated safe is 100 percent fireproof, still it’s not. Undoubtedly, the fireproof safe is made from the materials that keep your valuables in a protected condition when the temperature is extremely high. There is a specific limit, and afterward, the safe can burn up. Thus, burning all the essential possessions stored in it. In this article, you will learn about a few methods that can give more protection to your fireproof safe. 

Tips to Make Your Safe Fireproof 

Gypsum Board

The famous and common approach to make your safe fireproof is by using the gypsum board. You can mount the board on the outside of the safe. The board is quite effective at controlling the highest temperature as it contains the hydrates in the form of vaporized water or steam. If the time board includes hydrates, then your fire-rated safe doesn’t reach the critical temperature of the gas. 

Concrete Composite

You can also look for the more safest options, and one of them is the concrete composite. The concrete-based materials cover the fire-rated gun safes when a fire incident occurs despite venting it. The concrete composite is considered a better option than gypsum board, but they are expensive and considerably heavier. 

What if Your Safe is Not Fireproof? 

The above two options are for the ones that are fire-resistant or already a fireproof safe. However, what if your safe is not fireproof and you can’t buy the new one as it’s out of your budget. No worries, the article has one more solution for it. 

Firstly, free your safe from all the valuables. Keep them safely in a container that is secured and sealable. The container must protect the valuables from contaminants and moisture. Now, install the re-sealable bag in the container and ensure the bag is placed in the hiding place just like your safe. Store it in the ground, mainly in a tin can, as it also acts as a fireproof safe. 

Another method is to use the waterproof yet re-sealable bag to cover the water-filled ice container. When you place the bag in the freezer, then the water will freeze, and the cash, documents will not get spoiled. Moreover, burglars will least expect that you have kept the valuables in the freezer. Keeping the bag in the fridge will most likely bear a house fire.  

Final Words 

A fireproof safe is one of the ideal choices you can make whether you are a newbie or one who knows what kind of safes are better. It’s really heart-wrenching to lose the valuables in the house fire. Therefore, it’s vital to follow preventive measures which keep your safe and valuables in a secured environment. Make sure your safe is fireproof. However, the article is for the readers who want to keep their fireproof safe in a more fire protective zone and for the ones who didn’t have the fire-resistant safes. 

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