How Section 321 CBP Benefits eCommerce Businesses

How Section 321 CBP Benefits eCommerce Businesses

Delays are one of the biggest obstacles facing ecommerce supply chains. That’s why many eCommerce merchants are turning to Section 321 cbp (Commodities Brokerage Service) to expedite their shipping processes and guarantee customers receive their goods on schedule.

To expedite Section 321 clearance of shipments, you must utilize the ACE eManifest system. It’s a free portal that enables trade companies, government agencies and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to easily communicate and exchange pertinent data.


eCommerce businesses that import goods with a retail value of $800 or less can save on shipping expenses thanks to section 321 CBP (Customs Brokerage Program). This enables your shipments to clear customs tax and duty free as long as they meet the de minimis threshold for duty and tax exemption.

Savings through this provision can be passed along to customers at a more competitive price point and make products more accessible. Furthermore, it reduces overall tax liabilities and improves profitability by eliminating fees and duties normally associated with importation.

To file for a Section 321 shipment, you’ll need to provide information about the shipper, country of origin and consignee. Furthermore, proof of value should be provided through an invoice and manifest that clearly displays the total value of all included products.


Section 321 cbp offers eCommerce businesses several advantages. Notably, it helps to avoid expensive tariffs and duties on goods imported from China during the US-China trade war.

It is essential to be aware that not all shipments qualify for the exemption. Items like alcohol and cigarettes must be regulated by a government agency, while others like harsh chemicals cannot be included.

Another factor to consider is that a single importer can only submit one Section 321 entry per day. If your company sends multiple shipments per day, working with an experienced customs broker who understands this regulation can be advantageous.

To comply with Section 321 cbp, you must provide all pertinent information to CBP prior to a shipment’s arrival at the border. This includes details such as shipper and consignee names, value, commodity and country of origin.


eCommerce merchants shipping a large volume of low-value goods can benefit from section 321 by saving money on import fees. It allows them to quickly move shipments across the US border without having to pay taxes and duties, providing huge savings for their customers.

This flexibility also aids ecommerce businesses in streamlining their supply chains. For instance, if you have 500 orders for party supplies being sent out separately, you can combine them all into one shipment and claim Section 321 exemption status.

Another benefit of Section 321 is its speedy clearance through customs; this enables more shipments to be packed into containers and sent out quickly, saving time and money for all parties involved.


Security refers to the people, policies, processes and technology put in place by an organization to safeguard its physical and information assets from crime, attack, sabotage and espionage. It encompasses safeguarding against all forms of theft, damage or loss.

Security in e-commerce refers to making sure shipments are sent correctly from their source to their ultimate recipient in the United States. This step is essential in order to guarantee products arrive undamaged and without harming consumers.

The CBP is testing a pilot program to see if online marketplaces can submit critical Section 321 advance information. This data may include the ultimate recipient, photos of the consignment and an extensive description of what’s inside.

Data analytics can help the agency quickly identify high-risk shipments, enabling them to inspect them more promptly. It also enables the agency to better allocate its resources for inspections and processing e-commerce shipments.

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