Enjoy An Exciting Workout Experience By Investing In A Weight Bar Set.

Enjoy An Exciting Workout Experience By Investing In A Weight Bar Set.

Have you been thinking about canceling your gym membership because it’s too costly or you are working from home? You should invest in barbell sets if you are considering home workout routines. This equipment allows you to build resistance to most exercises at a higher rate. It allows you to add or reduce weight plates offering a variety of resistance levels.

Weight bar.

It is exercising equipment used in weight lifting, weight training, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. A barbell consists of a long bar that has weight plates attached to each side. You should invest in a barbell if you intend to start home exercises. Olympic barbell sets are common for workout routines like squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. Get the best barbell that matches your needs that may include:

  • Fitness goals.
  • Budget.
  • Lifting style.

To expand your workout possibilities at home, you should add a weight bar set to your collection. A barbell set is a better investment when compared with purchasing each weight plate and bar individually.

Types of weight lifting bars.

1. Standard bar.

It is used for barbell exercises in most commercial gyms. Power bars are fairly rigid but can bend a bit when heavily loaded. Bars made from steel can bend a bit and rebound. Bars that offer a better grip have a grooved part. Standard bars are used for traditional strength and power exercises like squats, overhead press, bench press, deadlift, or bent-over row.

2. Squat bar.

They should have center knurling to grip the back of your shirt to ensure it doesn’t slide on you. They have a little whip and a thick diameter.

3. Bench press bar.

To allow for a stable press, it should have almost a zero whip. It prevents the bar from bending. It should also have a thick diameter for a better grip.

4. Deadlift bar.

The bar should have a slightly more whip allowing it to bend to increase the bar’s speed off the floor. It should have a sharper knurling and a narrow diameter for good grip.

5. Olympic weightlifting bar.

It enhances performance and reduces injuries during Olympic weightlifting. They are manufactured from special steel that gives them more whip than standard bars. They have precision bearings at the ends to prevent arm and wrist injuries. When doing clean and front squats, it should sit in the front of your neck hence will lack center knurling.

6. Arched bar.

It is a good option for squat training as it challenges the posterior muscles. When the weight swings, you get much tighter as it challenges your stability. It is recommended for advanced weight lifters.

7. Safety squat bar.

It has a yoke attached at the front of the bar for you to hold. It is covered with a thick pad hence a good option if you feel pain when you do traditional back squats or lack shoulder mobility.


Training goals, anatomy, and experience determine the type of weight bar that you can purchase. Buying a weight barbell set is a better investment compared to purchasing each weight bar and plate individually. The set you buy should fulfill your requirements including workout goals, lifting style, and budget. Standard bar, Olympic weightlifting bar, arched bar, and safety squat bar are the types of weightlifting bars.

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