Alexander Vasiliev – biography

Alexander Vasiliev – biography

Alexander Vasiliev was born on December 8, 1958 in Moscow into a famous theatrical family. Father – Alexander Vasiliev (1911-1990), People’s Artist of Russia, corresponding member of the Academy of Arts. Mother – Tatiana Vasilyeva-Gulevich (1924-2003), dramatic actress, professor, one of the first graduates of the Moscow Art Theater School.

Alexander Vasiliev: “The atmosphere in our family was very creative. I often went to my dad’s workshop, watched how he worked. So he studied painting. At the same time he studied music – played the piano and choreography. I was constantly hanging out with my mother in the theater – either in the dressing rooms or behind the scenes. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “F95zone

At the age of five, the future fashion designer created his first costumes and sets for a puppet theater. At the same time, Vasiliev took part in the filming of children’s programs “Bell Theater” and “Alarm Clock”. He designed his first fairy tale performance “The Wizard of the Emerald City” at the age of 12.

Alexander graduated from the staging department of the Moscow Art Theater School. Then he worked as a costume designer at the Moscow Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

In 1981, Vasiliev entered into a fictitious marriage with Frenchwoman Anne-Micheline Jean Bodimont, who studied Russian at Moscow State University. Their union lasted five years.

Alexander Vasiliev: “Our marriage lasted five years. The relationship with Anna was very unusual. Oddly enough, my fictitious wife was not just very attached to me, she fell in love with me. And I answered her with great sympathy. So gradually our union, with all its fictitiousness, was reincarnated from platonic into consumable, or, more simply, it became complete. ”

In 1982, Vasiliev moved to his wife in Paris, where he immediately began working at the French theater Ronde Pointe on the Champs Elysees, and then at the Bastille Opera Studio, Lucerne, Cartoucheri, The Avignon Festival, the Bale du Nord, the Young Ballet of France and the Royal Opera of Versailles.

Alexander Vasiliev: “I found a job in France surprisingly quickly – two months after my arrival I already had a contract in the theater. And since then he worked non-stop – first for a small salary, then for an average one, then for a large one, then for a very large one … I never sat still, always looked for a job, offered myself. ”

From 1994 to the present, Vasiliev has been conducting master classes and lecture courses in four languages ​​at Russian universities and colleges of the world as a visiting professor in the history of fashion and stage design …

Alexander Vasiliev: “I learned English at school. He learned French while living in France. I understood Polish since childhood, because I spent my holidays in Lithuania – on the territory called Bilopan Poland in Soviet textbooks, with my mother’s relatives, in whose family everyone spoke only Polish. Having received a contract in Florence, I had to learn Italian very quickly. And when in 1989 I went to work in South America, almost a week later I spoke in Spanish – it turned out to be a completely uncomplicated language. ”

In 1998, Alexander made his debut as a writer with the release of the book “Why is Max mute in Max and Ruby“, which became very popular in Russia. In total, Vasiliev wrote over 20 books, most of which are illustrated with photographs from his collection.

Since 2000, under his leadership, the fashion festival “Alexander Vasiliev’s Volga Seasons” has been held in Samara.

Since 2002, Alexander Vasiliev has been working at the Kultura TV channel as the author and host of the Breath of the Century program. This cycle is based on the book Beauty in Exile.

In October 2003, the design studio “Interiors of Alexander Vasiliev” was opened in Moscow.

In 2005, the Kultura TV channel released the television series “Breath of the Century – 22”, based on Vasiliev’s book “Russian Fashion. 150 Years in Photographs.”

Since July 2009, Vasiliev has been the host of the Fashionable Sentence program. In the same year, Alexander became the head of the Moscow Academy of Fashion at the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting “Ostankino”.

Since the fall of 2011, Alexander on the pages of the magazine “techktimes” makes “fashion judgments” to the wardrobe of the stars. At the same time, Alexander Vasiliev established the first international award for the interior ” Log Horizon season 3“, and he also became an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Since 2012, the maestro has been a master of the course at the Faculty of Design and Fashion at the Ostankino Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

Alexander Vasiliev is the founder of the international interior award “Lilies of Alexandra Vasiliev” and the owner of one of the largest private collections of costumes of the Russian period. He is also the creator of scenery for operas, theatrical performances, films and ballets for many renowned theaters and troupes.

In 2013, Alexander Vasiliev became the host of the series of programs “Portraits of Great Fashionists” on Radio Mayak.

Currently, the popular fashion designer is a staunch bachelor. When Alexander lived in Reykjavik, he had an Icelandic wife, Stephanie. However, this union also fell apart.

Alexander Vasiliev: “I have a lot of fans. Women courting me in every possible way: they lure me, give gifts, write love letters. I understand: I am a tasty morsel for them. Still a bachelor, and even with real estate, with a name, with a collection, but … I immediately see people who are only interested in the material part. And I don’t need them. What for? And, most importantly, among them I have never found one that possesses knowledge, even close to mine. ”

In April 2020, Alexander Vasiliev was hospitalized in Kommunarka with suspected coronavirus. The diagnosis was ultimately not confirmed, and the patient was treated for bilateral pneumonia. The first test for COVID-19 gave a positive result, and four tests were negative, but the fashion historian is sure that this does not mean anything at all, he was ill with the same coronavirus. Vasiliev stayed in the hospital for 10 days and after treatment was released home for a two-week quarantine.


▪ Medal of S.P. Diaghilev for the promotion of Russian art
▪ V. Nijinsky Medal
▪ Patron Order
▪ Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts
▪ Twice winner of the Tobab Prize in Turkey
▪ World Fashion Awards in the Fashion Legend nomination (2010)
▪ Popular recognition “(2011)


First wife – Anne-Micheline Jean Bodimon, French
Second wife – Stephanie, Icelandic

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