A simple guide on how to make money with YouTube

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A simple guide on how to make money with YouTube

You’re likely to think of how YouTube can make money if you produce video content. How did you to get youtube views make it possible for some of the most popular vloggers to earn millions through their channels?

Continue reading to learn how to monetize YouTube. This includes how many subscribers and views you need and how to make money with other methods than ads.

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How to make money using YouTube in the UK

YouTube offers many opportunities to make money from content. It has more than 2 billion users. YouTube is becoming more competitive, with 500 hours of video uploaded each minute.

You must build an audience before making money with your video content. Here are some things to keep in mind:

You need to identify your target market. Knowing who your videos are targeted at will allow you to create the best video content and build your audience.

Find a niche: If you can create content specific to your industry, you will be better able to attract a targeted audience and work with companies in that area.

Ensure you have the right equipment – A good camera, lighting, and microphone will make your videos look more professional and appealing to your audience.

Use tools to grow your audience. You’ll need to post frequently, optimize your videos with keywords and drive traffic from blogs or social media to your channel.

YouTube ads: How they work

How many YouTube subscribers are you required to make money?

One thousand subscribers are necessary to make money with your YouTube videos.

Although you don’t get paid per subscription, you can generate more revenue if you have more subscribers.

If you want to be an influencer or work with brands in affiliate marketing, you will get paid more and have more opportunities if your subscribers are high.

How many views are required to make YouTube money?

To start making money, you will need 1,000 subscribers.

Your chances of making money are higher if you have more views. But, revenue is only earned if people click on the ad or watch it in its entirety.

Forbes estimates that YouTubers make $5 per 1,000 views. This means a video with 75,000 views will be worth approximately $375 (PS270).

The number of views you require will depend on whether your goal is to earn money through advertising or whether it’s a part-time job, such as a student side gig.

What is the YouTube Partner Program, and how can I get involved?

After you have reached 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of content in the past 12 months, then you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program. This allows you to add adverts to your videos.

Advertisers pay for impressions and clicks, and you’ll get around 55% of the revenue generated by your content.

The YouTube Studio has a ‘Monetization” feature that allows you to set up ads. You can enable or disable ads for one or more videos from this page. click here

YouTube will require that your content meets the advertiser-friendly content guidelines. Adverts will not appear on your videos until they have been subject to an automated or human review.

The dashboard allows you to view your estimated monthly revenue and see what you could be earning.

What is AdSense?

After signing up for the Partner Program, setting up an AdSense account is easy.

YouTube will pay you only if you have earned $100 from ad revenue on your videos.

YouTube Premium: What’s it all about?

After making money with ads, you can sign up for YouTube Premium.

This feature allows subscribers to pay to view your content without ads. The number of premium subscribers viewing your videos will determine how much you get paid.

YouTube Premium is your second revenue stream. You can make money by paying subscribers and still earn ad revenue from people who are not members.

What are the YouTube Community Guidelines (PDF)?

YouTube’s Partner Program Policy and Community Guidelines will guide you on monetizing YouTube channels.

These Community Guidelines were created to protect site users from scams, spam, fake engagement, and fraud.

Guidelines are provided for sensitive content, such as child safety, and violent and potentially dangerous content like cyberbullying or hate speech.

These guidelines apply to all videos as well as comments and links.

YouTube, can you make money in ways other than advertising?

Most YouTubers consider including ads in their videos to be the first step towards making money on the platform. There are many other things that you can do, which we’ll discuss below.

Merchandise: Selling branded products such as t-shirts and tote bags can be a great way to make extra cash. YouTube even offers a Merchandise Shelf that you can use in your videos.

Fan funding – Once you have a following, Patreon, Tipeee, and Buy Me A Coffee let you receive recurring and one-off donations from your fans in return for exclusive content

You can become an influencer through YouTube affiliate marketing. This allows you to promote other brands’ products and increase revenue via sponsored posts and discount codes. Make sure to disclose any partnerships and ensure you are not violating any advertising laws.

Media license: If you upload a viral video, news publications and brands may pay you for the right to use it.

Channel memberships: YouTube Partner Program members can charge their fans to become channel members in return for additional content.

Chat payments: Live streamers can use YouTube’s Super Chat function for donations in return for shout-outs.

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