A Brief Guide About Cargo Lashing Equipment

A Brief Guide About Cargo Lashing Equipment

Cargo securing devices are tools or self-propelled vehicles used for towing, moving, or securing any container or cargo. These are available in an array of specifications and kinds. Since goods are shipped across the globe, the safety and securing of the cargo in which they are placed remain extremely important. Safe transportation and secure handling of goods is the most basic requirement of any business. Below, we will be discussing more cargo lashing devices and why they are important.

What Is A Cargo Securing Equipment?

Cargo lashing refers to securing and fixing cargo with different equipment to protect it from shifting, moving, or opening during its transportation. The goal is to protect the goods packed inside the cargo until they reach their destination with ease.  Cargo lashing equipment is a unique device formulated to help secure cargo and containers loading goods safely from one destination to another around the world. Some special equipment meant for cargo lashing is fixed winches, ropes, wires, wood, web lashing, and more. They are used individually or in combinations to secure any container.

Cargos can be lashed in the given ways:

  • First, they can be blocked by using wedges, chocks, beams, etc.
  • Second, they can be locked to the cargo carrier.
  • Third, they can be lashed by using load binders, fixed wenches, different lashings, chains, etc.

Importance Of Lashing 

Cargos are meant to be lashed or secured with quality equipment to keep them safe from any twists and turns during transportation. Securing a cargo safeguards the container and products and the lives of people handling them.

Things To Consider While Lashing 

If you are going forward to lash a container or a cargo, there are specific crucial points you must make a note of. These include:

  • Take care of safety by wearing PPE, which is personal protective equipment. These may include helmets, steel-toe shoes, protective glasses, gloves, etc.
  • Staying careful around the ship while walking, not walking beneath hanging containers, cautious of slipping, etc.
  • One must stay completely cautious while walking on lashing equipment, rods, wires, etc.
  • Do not carry heavy loads.
  • Do not touch any electrical equipment.
  • Make a note of maintenance holes and gaps between
  • Make enough safe distance from co-workers while lashing or de-lashing a container.
  • Work in pairs or teams to avoid any mishap.
  • Report any defective lashing gear or any structure that needs attention
  • Give special care while handling bars and rods since they can be difficult to control
  • Use Cargo lashing equipmentsafely and as instructed.


Lashing equipment should be chosen with care. Not paying enough attention to the quality and handling of the cargo lashing can be hazardous to the workers, goods, business, and transport carrying them.

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