7 Best Beaches In Asia You Should Visit

7 Best Beaches In Asia You Should Visit

Asia is the largest continent by both size and population. It is home to some of the oldest civilizations and a multitude of dashing beaches that will surely take anyone’s breath away. In short, we can say that these beaches are such a breathtaking place where you can do so many fun activities to make your beach vacation more exotic and memorable. If you are planning for a beach vacation and searching for a beach vacation sport. Then, you are at the right place, we have rounded up some amazing beach vacation sport for you. All you have to plan your getaway and visit the delta airlines official site to get your flight booking done online at very affordable rates. Book now and get reach for an unforgettable beach vacation.

Highlighting 7 best beaches in Asia perfect for Beach Vacation

1.     Pink Beach

The pink beach is one of the seven most excellent seashores on the planet, it is situated in Komodo National Park. The pink seashore has famous prevalence with its pink sands that are genuinely extraordinary and exceptional. The seashore can likewise give you a stunning encounter noticing various Komodo mythical beasts, an enormous animal in their normal environment. However, the pink sand and Komodo mythical beasts, Pink sea shore likewise has a view of the scene of slopes and huge marine national park.


When a French jail for Vietnamese associated with the freedom development, Con Dao has acquired ubiquity for its coral reefs, various marine life, and delicate sandy seashores. Con Dao is a home for 16 islets and generally uninhabited, every one of which offering since quite a while ago extended seashores concealed with evergreen trees.

Being untouched for every one of these years the island’s perfect normal excellence and relieving air was kept up and jelly. Ideal for getting away from the clamoring city life the island likewise offers exercises like climbing, journeying, trekking, scuba diving, swimming, and island bouncing. Being one of Vietnam’s National Parks, Con Dao is a home to marine natural life creatures specifically, stingrays, barracudas, moray eels, dugongs, and green ocean turtles.

3.     Coron Palawan

Coron, Palawan is a destination that is only a welcome blessing, from its white-sand seashores, plentiful coral reefs, and perfectly clear water, Coron can likewise offer stunning landscapes, karst precipices, and limestone bluffs. It’s an entryway to 45 islets called Bacuit Archipelago and is encircled by different diving destinations. It takes after the notable Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and as of now considered as top 4 in the rundown of “The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World”.

4.     Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is considered an amazingly delightful site. It is situated in Northern piece of Vietnam and has been completely well known. It has a lovely light green seawater, approximately 1600 limestone island, and islets, tidal ponds, caverns, and ocean wanderers.

Ha Long Bay is a spot to visit because of its amazing visuals and is a UNESCO World legacy site. Cruising, swimming, or simply chilling by the ocean and getting a charge out of the view is one of the numerous exercises Ha Long Bay has to bring to the table. Make certain to visit Ha long straight while in Vietnam, and we can ensure that it will be 100% worth your time. So, plan your getaway and book your flight ticket over the phone just by dialing the emirates contact number and get an instant booking to your desired destination.

5.     Miyako, Japan

Miyako is quite possibly the most pristine seashores on the planet. This seashore has a far off area and a particular environment. Miyako gives a peaceful and unique vibe and is an ideal getaway destination to get away from the groups and the clamoring city of Japan. Miyako is known to have turquoise-blue waters, delicate sand ridges, a significant length of the seashore, gigantic coral reefs, and bright sea-going life.

6.     Palm Jumeirah, DUBAI

Palms Jumeirah is the intriguing palm-frond-formed archipelago advancement that reflects out into the Persian Gulf. This seashore is viewed as private, however is reasonable. All the seashores are either important for the luxurious private areas or furnished by lavish lodging. Probably the best inns to enjoy Palm Jumeriah is The Riva Beach Club that offers everyday access to simply get to the seashore and furthermore. The Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is at the highest point of The Palm and offers an awesome & luxurious experience.

The Palm Islands are the biggest man-made islands on the planet and perhaps the most novel improvements on earth. Their stand-out palm-tree shapes help to add 520 kilometers to Dubai’s coastline. These interesting man-made islands are considered the be the eighth marvel of the world.

7.     Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

It is quite possibly the most famous seashores in Thailand, Nai Harn Beach is situated in Phuket. Nai Harn Beach can be packed, pulling in both neighborhood and unfamiliar travelers with its completely clear waters, white sand, and waves that are not destructive when swimming. The seashore additionally has a predictable atmosphere and wonderful climate conditions. The seashore is additionally encircled by other popular hotels and eateries that offer both neighborhood and unfamiliar food.

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