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Zonbase Review 2022: Is Zonbase Worth It?


ZonBase is an all-inclusive software suite for Amazon sellers. The software was launched in 2019.

It offers a complete set of 13+ seller tools for sellers. There are many glowing reviews online from sellers who have used the software. Here’s the zonbase review

Why Do Amazon Sellers Need Zonbase?

Launch and scale your amazon business with zonbase

Use Zonbase to make data-driven decisions and build a profitable business on Amazon.

You can discover what products are in demand, what keywords will boost your sales, how to automate your inventory, and review requests. Instantly validate product ideas as you explore Amazon, Evaluate new opportunities, forecast product sales, and request reviews in one click.

Amazon Product Research Tools:

Find Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

Uncover promising opportunities based on high-demand and low-competition keywords that consumers are searching for.

Turn a keyword into a market segment, and see in-depth data on sales performance, emerging trends, and competitive insights.

Sort over 500 million products on Amazon using advanced filters to quickly reveal profitable opportunities with Product Database.

Zonresearch : find your first or next winning product from more than 20 million products in zonbase’s extensive proprietary database!

zonbase hot products : check out trending products every day and discover the hottest products on amazon!

zonbase chrome extension : the most powerful chrome extension powering your product research – largest database, most accurate data, because you can’t settle for less.

Amazon sales estimator : instantly discover how many units a product sells in a month

Keywords tool :  find relevant keywords for seo-optimized listings and ppc campaigns

Reverse Asin Tool : spy on your competitor’s keyword strategy and beat them at their game

zontracker : tool track your product ranking for multiple keywords

Listify : tool create optimized product listings with all the best keywords

Photo enhancer: optimized explainer photos will make you more profit


We are not just another keyword tool. We are the only tool you need for product research, keyword tracking, keyword research, backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, website ranking, PPC campaign tracking and analytics.

our keyword database has the largest coverage of any tool

get access to over 10 billion keywords from more than 200 different countries and languages.

monitor your rankings for multiple keywords at once

keep track of your rankings on amazon for multiple keywords with an easy-to-read graph that shows you how your position changes over time.

find out exactly which keywords your competitors are buying on amazon sponsored products (PPC) and get the most profitable ones for yourself!

see what keywords bring organic traffic to any website or landing page, including yours!

find out which keywords helped them rank high in organic search results to run like powerhorse your

know when you have a chance to beat them at their own game and overtake them in search results!

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