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Why Can’t I Access

“I can’t access and due to this error, I am unable to configure my Linksys range extender. What can I do to fix this error? Is there any way out”?

Yes! If there is a will, there’s a way. Just follow the fixes that we have provided in this post and know how to get rid of not working issue in minutes.

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Fix 1: Due to typos in the web address, we are sure that it will not work for you. So, to fix this, make sure that you are not committing any typing errors in the web address.

Is it working now?

“I regret to say – no! The web address is still not working. Although I have copy-pasted the web address from here, still it is giving me the non-working error”.

Where you have entered the web address?

“What is that supposed to mean? Obviously, in the browser’s URL bar because search bar will not give me the accurate result”.

Fix 2: So, please clear the browsing history.

“Ok, let me clear it”.

Have you cleared the browsing history?

“Yes, I did”.

Additionally, we would also suggest you to update your internet browser and open only one tab at a time for accessing in a hassle-free way.

“Thank you for this tip. The web address started working for me once, but again it is not working.”

No worries!

Fix 3: Please turn off the mobile data while using your WiFi.


Because their WiFi signals will clash that won’t allow you to access

“Can I use my mobile data to access the web address”?

Yes, you can! But, please turn off your WiFi. Apart from that, you can also update your internet browser and the software your device. Doing so will somehow help you to boost up the browsing speed.

“I am applying your tips! They are working for me to access the web address. But, only for once! The second time when I try to access the web address, it continues to give me the non-working issue. Please provide me the permanent fix”.

“As I told you, after applying the first tip provided by you, started working for me. So, I configured my Linksys range extender first”.

“Then, again, when I got the same issue i.e. not working, I applied your second tip. When the web address started working for me, I updated the firmware of my Linksys range extender”.

“Again, I got the same issue. Then, I applied the third tip. The web address started working for me again and I changed the default settings of my Linksys range extender”.

“That is why, I am asking you to provide me a permanent fix. Look, configuring Linksys range extender is one time process that I have already done. But, this is not with updating Linksys range extender firmware and changing its settings. I have to perform these processes on regular basic”.

Fix 4: Sure! It will be our honor! If you are getting the not working issue again and again, then you can improve your internet speed by contacting your ISP. Apart from this, you can confirm from your ISP whether the device i.e. router provided by him is compatible with your Linksys range extender or not.

Note: Most of the routers aren’t compatible with Linksys range extender.

“So, what do I suppose to do? Should I replace my existing router?”

Yes, you can!

“Which is the best WiFi router”?

Of same product!



“Ok! How to configure it?”

Using the default IP and Linksys router login details!

“This is it?”

Yes, a couple of Linksys router setup instructions to be followed and you are done.

“Ok, and what after that?”

Add the Linksys router to your Linksys range extender and access whenever you want without getting any error.

“Thank you! By replacing my existing router with Linksys, I finally got a permanent fix. I will definitely share the tips provided in this article with every relative or friend that owns a Linksys range extender”.

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