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Top 15 Most Popular LED TV Brands in India


Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturer, and it is also the world’s largest producer of smartphones, laptops, televisions, memory chips, and semiconductors. Samsung has become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and sells lower-priced handsets in the Indian market. It is the reliable and best LED TV brand in India. 


LG Electronics is a Korean company that produces refrigerators, LED TVs, and washing machines for the Indian subcontinent. It is currently the second-largest LED television manufacturer globally by LG, and it is one of the best LED TV brands in India. LG also began selling mosquito-repelling televisions in India.


Sony Corporation is a leading Japanese corporation that operates in various segments, including consumer electronics, video games, and music entertainment. Sony Corporation is the world’s fifth largest LED TV manufacturer. The company’s business units are Sony Mobile, Sony Music, and Sony Pictures.


Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company and one of the leading television manufacturers in the world. Panasonic is also the best LED TV brand in India. As well as making smartphones, Panasonic Corporation also produces home appliances such as microwave ovens. The company has reintroduced the Sanyo brand of televisions in India, released its range of Smart TVs on Amazon, and unveiled its LED televisions exclusively on Flipkart.


The company entered the mobile handset business and has become a leading manufacturer of smartphones in India. Micromax is currently in competition with Chinese mobile phone firms and entering the tablet, computer, and LED television markets.


Phillips is one of the world’s largest electronic companies and a popular Dutch multinational conglomerate company. From 1930 to the present, Philip Electrical has manufactured radios,  light bulbs,  beard trimmers, LED televisions, headphones, and speakers. The Philips brand has always been known for its quality products, and it is the best-LED TV brand in India.


In addition to owning 20 stores in Indian cities, Vu Televisions is the most popular TV brand in India through e-commerce platforms. The television brand was founded in California in India and sold most of its products online through Flipkart. 


In the 1980s, Onida Electronics was especially well-known in India for its color CRT televisions and ads featuring a devil with horns and a tail. Mirc Electronics is the owner of the Onida television brand and offers a wide variety of products, including plasma televisions, LCD televisions, air conditioners, microwave ovens, LED televisions, and washers.


In India, Xiaomi Corporation is now selling wearable accessories and home appliances such as televisions. MI LED TV are extremely slim, packed with features, and offer the best audio experience. As a result of MI’s superior quality, it is India’s most popular and best LED TV brand in India, and MI TV prices are also very affordable.


In addition to Sansui Electric, part of Grande Holdings, Akai is also a popular Japanese brand. The LED technology from Sansui is the latest innovation that consumes less electricity.


The consumer electronics company is engaged in designing and manufacturing home appliances in India, for example, washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. LED TVs from Haier in India are said to enhance your viewing experience with features such as Volume levelers, HDMI ports, convenient USB connections, and Full HD programming.


BPL Group is a leading manufacturer of color LED televisions, televisions, refrigerators, and other consumer electronics based in Bangalore, India.     It also has a joint venture with Sanyo.


A Chinese electronics company, TCL Corporation, is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers, including televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators. TCL Corporation is also one of the best LED TV brand in India.


Hisense Electronics has several products under several brand names. However, most of its product line consists of televisions. It has also acquired the right to distribute Sharp televisions.


Formerly a cellular service provider in India, Videocon Telecom now offers mobile services, DTH set-top boxes, and television channel packages. Videocon makes LED televisions as well, although the brand is not as popular as it once was. It contributes the least to the Indian LED television market.

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