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Tips on How to Take Out Your Invisalign Aligners

Tips on How to Take Out Your Invisalign Aligners

Just like every removable brace, you need to know how to remove your Invisalign for cleaning, eating and drinking, or dental checks. Your orthodontist who installed them will show you how to wear your trays and take them out as well. This is important because you are not expected to eat or drink anything else except water with your aligners on.

In the meantime, you can adopt these great tips whenever you want to take out your aligners:

Ensure your mouth is warm

Some patients do experience difficulty in removing their aligners after having a very cold drink. This makes the plastic feel less flexible. It becomes easy to take out the aligners if the inside of your mouth and fingers are quite dry. Again, you can try opening your mouth for a few seconds before attempting to take them out. This will dry up some of the cold air in your mouth and make the area warm.

Begin from behind

When removing your aligners, start by lifting those on the molars on each side of your teeth and work your way forward gradually. Certain patients find it more easier to remove the aligners from one side of the mouth first before moving to the other side. You will find which approach best suits you. Should there be an attachment, it would be hard to remove the aligner. Begin with lifting those bits that are easy first before going over to the hard ones. In areas with attachment, gently hook your fingernails under the edge of the aligners and lift it up and over the attachment or any difficult area.

Employ the use of paper towel

Removing your aligners is all about grip and balance. Most people find that a paper towel makes a firmer grip on the aligners. Using either a paper towel or a piece of kitchen paper, place it over the tooth, hold the aligners firmly, and pull it over the molars. Repeat this procedure for the opposite side of the mouth, and work your way to the front teeth. With a firmer grip, taking out your aligners may seem easy and make a lot of difference.

Employ the use of surgical gloves

Still on the issue of having a firmer grip, some Invisalign wearers reveal that using surgical gloves permits a firm grip on the aligners. The kind of gloves in this context is not the thick rubber gloves used in cleaning the house and other odd jobs. It doesn’t allow you to feel your fingers over the aligners. You need the special kind of gloves that comes in packs of 50 or 100. With this, you can feel what you are doing and be able to grasp the aligners firmly.

Try an aligner hook

This looks like a crochet hook, but it is specially designed to remove clear braces. Upon placement, they hook under the edge of the aligner and lift it over the tooth. These aligner hooks come in handy when you have an attachment to your teeth. However, care should be taken when doing this. You can purchase an aligner hook on Amazon where they are referred to as an outie.

Try using another tool

As patients tend to seek ways to take out their aligners more easily, one had stumbled upon the use of a pair of tweezers to successfully remove their aligners. By using the edge of the pair of tweezers, they were able to lift off the aligners. This may have worked very well, but it is not a recommended Invisalign approach. It can damage your aligners in the process, and you know how expensive replacing your aligners can be. We usually do not recommend this method and will prefer you to skip it, but it is your choice to make.

Be patient

After getting yourInvisalign London, taking out your aligners may not be easy at first, but it gets better with time. Should you attempt to take out your aligners for the first time a day or two after installation, it may be very hard to do so. Taking a break for an extra hour can make it easier. What if you are very hungry and in need of food? You may not want to give it time, but if you can be patient, the aligners will come off very easily than you expected. As you progress with the first removal, other removals will get simpler by the day.

Replace aligner trays in the evening

It’s not that you can’t change your trays at any time of the day, but doing it at night has two benefits: you will be asleep when the aligners feel very tight and uncomfortable; and in the morning, your teeth must have shifted making the aligners very easy to take out. Should you feel wearing your aligners might bring concern, put them on last thing at night and take a mild painkiller, and you will sleep like a baby.

Another benefit of this method is that at night, you must have had dinner and cleaned your teeth for the evening. It helps you achieve good dental hygiene. Take care when changing your aligners. To avoid damage, do it over a bowl or sink full of water, or stand over a neatly folded towel. In case your aligners drop, it won’t get destroyed.

Contact your dentist

This is important. Your dentist should always be your first point of contact in the event that you are having a problem with your Invisalign. Should you have any concern, put a call across to your dentist, and they will give you all the help you need. Bear in mind that a period of practice can help too. Practice speaking with your aligners, and with time you will get used to them. At our dental practice, we have friendly dentists that will assist Invisalign patients in practising more often until they become better at using their trays.

Again, since each tray comes with a different feel, you might be concerned about the aligner not fitting around your teeth. Don’t worry, just talk to your dentist. They will inform you better on all you need to know. After all, they will always be working with you throughout the period of your treatment until completion. So, just report any issue you have to them, and help will come.


Really? This may come as a surprise, but it works. In that instant, when you are trying to remove your aligners, and it’s not coming off, you might panic, feel anxious or even agitated. And you know how anxiety can create more challenges than there actually is. So, calm down, take a deep breath and relax. After trying for some minutes and you can’t take out your aligners, just remember to take a break for at least 10 minutes before trying again. Trying to take out your aligners by all means possible can put your mouth at risk. You might even begin to experience pain in the jaw with the excessive opening of your mouth. Ease your jaws in the interval of relaxing. This can create a huge difference in all. Bear in mind that Invisalign is all about your comfort.

Key takeaways

Invisalign gives very good results if you can follow through the guidelines during and after treatment. Since Invisalign permits you to eat anything you want provided you take out your aligners before you do so, and clean your teeth afterwards, getting knowledge on how to remove your aligners is essential.

Easy removal depends on how firm your grip on the aligner is. Different materials can be used to achieve a firm hold on the aligners. Whichever material you are using, ensure that you exercise care and caution. The plastic used in making the trays may be solid, but the way you handle it during removal can either cause pain to your teeth or damage your trays.

Another important thing to note is that you should not remove your aligners under pressure! This is important if you are using Invisalign for the first time. Those who have been using their aligners might have mastered the art of taking it out under any circumstance.

At any point you feel there’s a problem, don’t hesitate to speak with your dentist. It is our hope that you will find these tips useful.

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Taking out your trays is as important as having them installed. One of the advantages of using Invisalign is easy removal, which is why we have put these tips together.For more information on how to safely remove your Invisalign, contact our team. We offer useful tips and advice on how to remove clear braces, including Invisalign.

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