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Qatar begins using Saudi airspace


The first Qatar Airways flight has departed from Mecca for Johannesburg after Saudi Arabia allowed it to use its airspace.

Following the closure in June 2017, Saudi Arabia allowed Qatar National Airlines to use its airspace. After which, for the first time, a Qatar Airways flight departed for its destination using Saudi Arabian airspace at 12 midnight between January 7 and 8.

Qatar Airways Flight QR 1365 departing from Doha International Airport in Qatar for Johannesburg, using Saudi airspace, departed for the destination via the Saudi capital Riyadh and then Ain Mecca and Jeddah.

According to civil aviation sources, Qatar Airways has used a two-year-old Airbus 350 for this route.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia closed its airspace to Qatar in June 2017 due to tensions between the two countries.

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