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Into the world of Light Industrial Staffing

Industrial Staffing

With competition rising in tidal waves, customers forever changing demands, and expectations of lightning speed delivery, you have to explore the idea of outsourcing your recruitment! This is exactly what the hottest service on the corner brings you in the form of Light Industrial Staffing Agency”.

They boast to be just the solution for all your bane, which stems from the hiring spree. The magic pill offers you access to the right workforce, at the right time, without exploding your pockets, or so they claim. In this article, we aim to evaluate just that!

In Light Industrial work, you rely on small-scale machines and more so on labor, which becomes the most critical and often difficult asset in your line of work. Whether assembly, packaging, or quality control, there are various requirements at each function level. Now, how do you find it right?

Below is a short checklist that sums the industry-wide traits you should be looking for-

One needs to access foremost if the candidate can do the work- can he handle small equipment and parts, work well with specialized tools, understand the nuances of your field?

It is important to gauge the attention span of the candidate, and his keenness for details. You need to make sure the person fully owns the job, and dots all the i-s, and crosses all the t-s.

In Industrial work, one needs to be flexible to adjust to changing schedules, altering plans, and accommodate fast and well to the new routines to overcome the daily challenges and get the job done!

This is probably the most important and overlooked characteristic. Before hiring an employee, one has to access this trait to avoid one of the biggest industry pain points- delays and lack of quality!

Now that we have the list, we should be able to catch the right talent. Easier said than done! This is where the Light Industrial Staffing Agencies come into the picture.

Why look for Staffing elsewhere?

India ranks among the top in the Staffing Market with Malaysia, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. With Covid19, the industry has seen a bigger boost than anticipated with the disruption caused by the working models of many companies, and new assignments taking lead while putting planned projects on hold. What once was an alternative, is becoming a mandate for the companies. And Light Industrial Workspace is no different. The labor market is in commotion everywhere, and not to forget, huge, and largely uncategorized. Offshoring your staffing needs brings speed, efficiency, and structure to your recruitment while allowing you to focus your time and energy on converting new opportunities and growing your business.

Let’s explore what all a Light Industrial Staffing Agency offers.

Light Industrial Staffing Services

Also called “Flexible Staffing” is the most celebrated offering in the market today. With the flexible staffing model, employees are hired temporarily- for a limited period, on lease- from the agency’s talent pool (on the agency’s payroll), or contract- working your shift under the payroll of a subcontractor. In times filled with ambiguity and uncertainty, this is an option enjoyed by both the employer and employees. While it offers no “employee benefits”, it gives the latter freedom to work. Also, from an employer’s point of view, staffing expenses are reduced, wages are lower, prevents bad hiring, and creates a competitive work culture.

Here, the agency hires the candidate for you temporarily, usually for about 3-6 months. Now, if the candidate can deliver a mark on the heart of the bosses during this period, he gets to turn the temp to permanent! Employers can think of this as hiring on probation, without having to offer employee benefits. Also, the candidate is more motivated to rise to the challenge.

While the above two options put the hiring on to the shoulders of the agency, Direct hire allows you to still access control over recruitment, without doing all the grind. The agency gives you a list of the potential candidates that fulfill your staffing needs and timeline. It speeds up the search for talent and getting the job started.

Not only talent, but these agencies have compiled massive data over time and can offer you key insights in refining the capabilities of your HR department, all the while offering insights into managing employee expectations, training, motivational drive, etc.Hiring the expert for the Light Industrial Staffing Services can offer a much faster recruitment process, which is efficiently organized and offers reliability in times of duress. Spread across industries, and with access to a specialized workforce from all the domains, they are turning out to be quite dependable! It is also noteworthy to know what service, or a combination of services you should go for, and to what extent? After all, you don’t want to lose all control. Well, CollarSearch is one such agency, rising fast through the ranks of its fellow service providers, that offers these services in addition to the consultancy on these services. A place where all your doubts are counseled, and problems solved.   

So this is everything your company needs to know about the Light Industrial Staffing services. And if you’re looking for a professional firm that checks all the above factors and also offers state-of-the-art services that helps you at every step of the tiring and tedious staffing process then you’ve come just to the right place. Collarsearch is a renowned name in the staffing industry for over a decade now and is successfully fulfilling the staffing needs of more than 50 companies across the globe. With our services ranging from RPO, healthcare, Logistics and even manufacturing, we leave no stone unturned to provide you the best candidate according to your requirements at super affordable prices. We also offer customizable plans that are super affordable and do not hamper your companies’ budget in any way. So what are you waiting for? Click here to know more. 

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