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There’s been a lot of discussion on how best to train the field of training Human Resource (HR) professionals “get seats at the table of the executive.” I’ve read about it on the pages of Training & Development magazine, HR Magazine, and many other trade publications. Additionally local chapter members office furniture philippines from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) as well as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as well as other professional associations offer seminars on the topic.

When I was given the honor of sharing my story of “getting the opportunity to sit at the Executive Table,” I considered it the perfect opportunity to share my story. At the beginning I spoke with my former boss, Jim Yoakum, who was willing to participate along with me in writing the story. We discussed changing the relationship between trainers of VPs to move from being distant to being intimate business partners through a series of lunches and emails. (See “You Should Not Be in The Big Dogs If You’re Left on the Porch a An Account of a Trainer’s office furniture Philippines Journey towards the Executive Table.


The process is long and complicated! After resigning from the comforts and benefits of my position as a trainer’s director in the training department of the company I was given the opportunity to become the head of training for the company’s newly established training department. However, as with many other employees working in HR or training, I was given a rather unflattering title. Jim my boss who replaced me, was not office chairs near me a fan of my opinions regarding HR-related duties. He thought that I was “overhead” and a “necessary negative factor.” It’s not the best description of me when it comes to creating credibility, but it’s vital to the success of your goals within your company. In the course of five years, we established a long-lasting friendship that was enriched by the experiences of each other and shared perspectives. It wasn’t easy for everyone, particularly in the beginning. However, the outcome was very well-deserved. I was elevated to the position of “just an instructor” to “chief of staff.” My role changed from preparing and delivering training classes to being an integral business partner. The result was my earnings doubled when I contributed to the business. In addition, my contribution to the company grew by 10 times.


Jim and I reviewed the steps he had to take to ensure that I’m a valued employee and a major contributor to the department’s overall performance. In order to help you duplicate our success, we’ve created the following checklist. For a quick outline of the checklist, pedestal cabinet we’ve came across …Tips for trainers on how to earn the title of executive. (And even though the list is geared towards trainers, these suggestions could be helpful to anyone who would like to be seen as serious in their job.) Make results, not just assignments. The ability to work 12-14 hours a day is achievable, when you put together unique programs including CBTs, and other educational tools.


You may be thinking “So what do I do with this?” Concerning business, what do you help the company? What obstacles have you faced with? What business projects have achieved momentum through your efforts? Review the activities you participated in during the last six months. Note the business results you’ve achieved from modular table for office your effort to assess the impact. It is important to ensure that your efforts and time are justified by the outcomes of your business.

What you’re measuring is crucial. The business leaders aren’t concerned about the number of classes you’ve taken or how many classes you’ve taught, or the quality you scored on the assessment forms. They are looking for someone who can assist in increasing the efficiency and customer care and profit by eliminating “people issues” and helping them reach their goals.



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